cool coloured milk fun science project

Coloured milk science project












if you add food colouring to milk spread out and put 2 drops of dishwashing liquid the colours will mix making a very cool affect!


What you will need:

Food colouring

A4 pieces of paper


A plastic plate or something you can put the milk on


Now if you have those materials what you have to do is fold the A4 pieces of paper and then cut it in half and cut it if you don’t it will not work now put the milk on the plate so it covers the bottom then put little drops of the food colouring spread apart. Next  put 2 little drops of the dishwashing liqiued on each colour you can use as many colours as you want. Now  it soon will make the cool affect. Now  put the piece of paper on top and then the pattern will appear on the paper.

I hope you found this fun and creative.



Chipmunks are very small fury animals that belongs to the squirrel family and is also known as the tamias stiatus.

There are twenty five species of chipmunks and grow up to 22-26 centimetres and weighs up to 125G

The chipmunks live in holes or burrows. The chipmunks have to little rooms one cozy room for him to sleep in and a storage room to keep his food in like nuts and seeds for when he wakes up in winter end when they hibernate . they gather up to 125 nuts a day in there cheeks. There predators are snakes birds and foxes to get away from them they run as fast as they can climb up in trees .